Cannibal Overdrive: Eat Your Friends

"The History Of Music" is going to be my virtual online boxset, drawing from my archive of old musical projects. Staring with Cannibal Overdrive seems like an easy one.

Cannibal Overdrive (1992-1995) was my first band that I would play shows with. The band was founded by Mike Runner and Dan Reitz, who drafted me, and then I drafted Alex Armitage, who was a frequent musical collaborator of mine. We were joined by vocalists Rebbecca Rupp and Eileen Donlon.

The music heard here was recorded by Alex, on old school 24 track 2 inch tape, my last experience with that medium. We made demo tapes which we gave out to friends or sold at "Our Music Center", the finest record shop Staten Island ever had. The individual tapes were called "Eat" 1993 (the first 4 songs here) and "Your Friends" 1994 (the rest).

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