Cannibal Overdrive: Eat Your Friends

"The History Of Music" is going to be my virtual online boxset, drawing from my archive of old musical projects. Staring with Cannibal Overdrive seems like an easy one.

Cannibal Overdrive (1992-1995) was my first band that I would play shows with. The band was founded by Mike Runner and Dan Reitz, who drafted me, and then I drafted Alex Armitage, who was a frequent musical collaborator of mine. We were joined by vocalists Rebbecca Rupp and Eileen Donlon.

The music heard here was recorded by Alex, on old school 24 track 2 inch tape, my last experience with that medium. We made demo tapes which we gave out to friends or sold at "Our Music Center", the finest record shop Staten Island ever had. The individual tapes were called "Eat" 1993 (the first 4 songs here) and "Your Friends" 1994 (the rest).

The Best In Show Radio Concert Spectacular 8/31

[caption id="attachment_84" align="alignnone" width="214" caption="You Should Come. Or you should listen. In person at 72 Hannah Street. Or The Interweb at! 8/31/2008 11am!"][/caption]

Tryptophan and Tim Nolan

First things first: Click on the image below to visit Tim Nolan's amazing Tryptophan environment. All the images are inspired by our music, and clicking on all the various objects unlocks rewarding and time wasting content. Hours of fun and mystery!

Next up we feature a page devoted to our "January EXP", a spontaneous collection of tunes we mostly made up on the spot in January 2008. Tim shot some video of some of the sessions, and warped them into the page we present here.

And here are 2 more videos assembled by Tim of our original tune "Hooka Brotha Up" and our cover of Madonnas "Like A Virgin". Creepy, yet triumphant.

Tryptophan: We Play Shows

The members of Tryptophan lead a busy life performing live music. I have recorded and posted a number of shows at my site over on Divshare. I would like to share shows in the ol' mp3 format with ya! Here is a playlist of many of our online shows going way back!