Dear Ben

After finding out about the festival today from Tim and Rory's posts and doing a little digging around, it seems that you you asked everyone else in town to play your festival but Tryptophan. My feelings are very hurt. I am writing this as I need an outlet to express my pain, and as we don't really know each other, please understand this is nothing personal.

When I told David Elliot (who is playing) how upset i was to have been overlooked, he said its not like you ever play. I reminded him we have done 10 or 11 shows in the past 13 months, usually fairly well attended too, and we have been on a particular creative roll lately, with the addition of the visuals of Tim Nolan and Steve Pepe's guitar work (thanks again for the piece a few months back). These guys are both genius's at what they do, and have been lending their considerable talents to the team. They see something in what we do. And because of this we are better then we have ever been.

So it a real letdown to me that after 15 years of organizing  and playing shows and recording peoples demos, and writing and releasing scores of our own songs, that in all this time doing this we are still taken for granted, or worse, just plain forgotten, esp now when as a creative unit, we are on such a high. Something cool is happening, and we will be outside the gates.

I would have loved to have played this festival, but alas it is not to be. So on that day, I will be sitting at home,  wondering what has become of my life. I might play some guitar to a wall. I might drink some beer. I might invite over some other rejects to cry with me too. I might end up working out some new ideas or mixing some recordings for the band. It will be my loss and yours.

So in regard to all this I just wanted to let you know that, you really know how to make a guy feel like Terrible Tim! Good luck with your show.

Your pal,
Ron Hill