New Drink: The Shirley Hemphill

I love Diet Coke from a fountain, but hate getting it in a restaurant or diner, because of the dreaded lemon slice they put in it. It ruins it.
So Nadine recently suggested that I ask for a cherry instead, and lo and behold, eureka, its the best drink ever.

So I have been getting my Diet Coke with a cherry, and after one night of the big comic con, Nay and I decide to go get Indian food on 6th street.

I order my new favorite drink, take a few sips, and we notice some weird shit floating around the glass. I try to spoon it out, and what I spoon out is a dish strainer from the bottom of a sink, complete with hunks of spinich and rice. I get up and start screaming, and we walk out. Fortunetly, we did not eat any food.

So the other day Nadine and I are out for lunch at Taste of India here on SI, with Jason and Mary, and I get my new drink. Jason and Mary are also Diet Coke drinkers and it has their interest. They put the cherries on little plastic swords at this place. I blurt out "its a Shirley Hemphill", and thus a new drink is named.