Listen to "Life Passing Life" NOW!

Available on all your favorite streaming platforms is our new album, "Life Passing Life". This album was recorded over a 3 year period by Frank Cavallo, Ron Hill, Steven Pepe, Nick Purpura, with guest Matt Wilson. The recording and mixing was done by Alex Armitage and Ron.

Have a listen!

You can also listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and more. Just search for "Tryptophan Life Passing Life"

Thanks for listening, and we hope to see you at some future show!

Tryptophan: Life Passing Life, new album for 2017 Streaming Soon!

We are please to announce a new album "Life Passing Life" which will soon be available for you to listen to on the magical interwebz!!! Get ready!!

Joey Semz: God On My Side

This recording features members of Tryptophan supporting legendary NYC graffiti artist Joey Semz (RIP).

Cannibal Overdrive: Eat Your Friends 1994

Legendary NYC 1990's era psychedelic rock band. Recorded in 1993 and 1994 on glorious 24 track analog tape. Remastered and edited by Alex Armitage in 2014 or so.

Tryptophan: Fadt Remix (Recorded 1997/ Remixed 2013)

Here is the first studio recordings of Tryptophan: "Fadt". Recorded by Alex Armitage at John Lisa's studio, this version was remixed and edited by me a few years back. Featuring Nick Purpura, Frank Cavallo, Mike Runner, Stapes and John Lisa.