New Tryptophan Album: Deathly Gardens, coming July 28th

Tryptophan is pleased to announce our new album, "Deathly Gardens" arriving July 28th. We will be performing that date at Staten Island's The Full Cup to kick it off.

The album features 20 songs that we have been working on for the past 2 years. Alex Armitage, who recorded our first album "Fadt" just about 15 years ago, and was Ron's bandmate in "Cannibal Overdrive", provided the recording and mixing.  Providing the artwork is Rebekie Bennington. 

“Deathly Gardens” is an abandoned amusement park in a strange post apocalyptic landscape, inhabited by individuals with mutant abilities. Melodic folk, metal and pop anthems tell the  chronicle of god like being named “Glow”, and his encounters with other strange denizens on this barren world. A twisted funhouse mirror to life in modern America.

This album is our first to be recorded in higher sample rate audio, and its the best sounding record we have made to date. The song list is as follows:

1. Opening Credits
2. “Parents”
3. “Lady Captain”
4. “Walk ‘N Talk”
5. “Glow”
6. “The Stare”
7. “Caution Tape”
8.  “Scars and Stripes”
9. “Over The Soup”
10. “Legal”
11. “Deathly Gardens”
12. “Slow Disasters”
13. “Inauguration”
14. “Decree (Poison Part 3)”
15. “Manly Mann”
16. “Patch”
17 “Seed”
18. “Disasters”
19 Time and Space
20. End Credits

"Deathly Gardens" features

Frank Cavallo: Drums, Percussion, Voices
Ron Hill: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion
Steven Pepe: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Nick Purpura: Bass, Guitars, Percussion


Artie Kitchen: Vocals
Joseph Brancato: Percussion
The Melonfarmers: Vocals (Brian Haley, Jill Pitarresi, Eileen Pitarresi, Pete Pitarresi, Tim Ledwith, Nicole Graci)
Brooke Lyn Davis: Vocals
Ralph and Sophie Pepe: Vocals