Tryptophan blog's again

Hello again, been a while since we last spoke. I exported out our old blog and moved it to Google's lovely Blogger site (where my job hosts I put all the links for all the Tryptophan out there on the old interwebz right at the top. Please check out our stuff, you can buy it or hear it for free from these sources.

It's been a crazy year since I last posted. Been posting all over the other social networks, living an ever changing life. I now have a beautiful daughter named Maggie who was born Oct 1 2010. This changed everything!

Musically we have not slowed down. While not doing a ton of shows (like the fella's other band, we have been busy in the studio recording a new full length project, a concept album. Our old long time collaborator Alex Armitage is recording and mixing on a very hifi computer. Work proceeds slowly, but its really shaping up into a cd I'm very proud of.

You can preview some of the tunes from this great video shot at The Full Cup the other night. Our good friends Artie Kitchen and Will Schalda sat in with us. Its pretty great! Much much more to come!

Your Pal, Ron Hill

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