We Harbor No Ill Will preview

We Harbor No Ill Will preview
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Well, if your prone to belive everything Terrible Tim says, he calls this the "Ill Will" party, McAllan insists the true name is "The Revenge Show". I hear people over at "Rock The Harbor" are calling it the anti-show. I have gotten some flack, some jeers, proved to the world that the SI Advance will basicly publish anything. Many people have, quietly, approached me and egged me on. Say what ever you want, go wherever you have to be.  What started as a bitter little joke to Tim Duffy has now bloomed into a full day of music, and I keep adding artists who, previous to this were all people I was buddies with or had worked on music with in the past. Everyone truly needs to understand that I really harbor no ill will for RTH, sure I was sad, but when life hands you lemons, uh, yuck I hate lemons. I like cherries in my Diet Coke, The Shirley Hemple. Here is what you need to know:

All Day "DJ Russy Berry" with the exception of Nadine and I, none of Russy's buddys will be here. They will be Harboring a Rock. Russy like to play all kinds of pop and punk, and will be keeping the music flowing as we move from artist to artist. He will also take on all chalengers in a hot dog eating contest.

2:00 pm "David Selitto" is one of the finest songwriters I know. A great lyricist and guitar player, David was backing Joey Semz until Joey's untimely death last year. David has no musicpage on the myspace but you can hear his recent song, "He Was A Friend of Mine" right here:

2:45pm "The Post Modern Folk Revolution" is
a 9 person vocal choir that  sings classic songs by artists like Brian Wilson, but all does covers of original SI songwriters. They will be peforming a few tunes by themself and also play with Tryptophan later in the show.

3:30pm "Rob Carey"
is a unique and hard working songwriter and performer. Lead singer of "The Headlocks", Rob will be performing a solo set of his melodic, Dylan flavored tunes. Catch The Headlock at Martini Red later that night.

4:15pm "The Semz Singers" is Rachel Blandi, Rob Carey, Ron Hill, and Steve Pepe as we cover and pay tribute to late, great NYC artist Joey Semz.

5:00pm "The Humans" are one of the longest running groups from Staten Island that is known to perform brit pop influcenced tunes. They just released their new cd "Songs From The Empty Field" which you will be able to pick up at the party.

6:00 pm "The Church Of Manlove" is a new wave group dedicated to and made up of sexy men. Headed up by Keith Carney and Jack Suede (of Best In Show radio), The Church will be holding its first sermon in many years, and will be backed in full by Tryptophan.

6:45 pm "Dog & Pony" is a fucking awesome band featuring everybodys favorite fucker Mcallan. Sounds like a vintage Nirvana and Butthole Surfers, hard as hell. These boys are hauling their asses in from Philly, so show em some love!

7:30pm "Tryptophan" featuring some jerks named Frank Cavallo, Ron Hill, Steve Pepe, and Nick Purpura.

8:15pm "Terrible Tim" is looking for the love and always finding the hate. Tim writes wicked pop songs that parody all manner of SI people. His show on cable access has been on since cable access started. I like to think of Tim as being some kinda retarded cross between the Dead Kennedys and Daniel Johnston.

Things I Hope To Happen The plan is for beer, and hot dogs. I will have the bbq, and love donations. I'm gonna try to record the whole show on the multitrack. The artist count alone now is 24 people so with various spouses, buddies, cheapskates, dogs and cats, this is looking like a much bigger party then I thought it would be. I welcome all comers if your RTH day turns into a shipwreck, or if you are just poor.

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